Energy Efficiency Keeps on Giving

In the classic comedy, Christmas Vacation, Cousin Eddie announces with pleasure that the certificate in the mail for the Jelly of the Month Club that a stunned Clark Griswold received instead of his bonus check was “the gift that keeps on giving”.

We hear the cliché “gift that keeps on giving” often. But when it comes to energy efficiency, the cost savings really do keep on giving, month after month and year after year. I’m not suggesting that you wrap up a bunch of LED bulbs or motion control switches as a Christmas gift. Then again, it’s a lot more practical than the Jelly of the Month Club!

Seriously, the decisions you made earlier this year to switch to make energy efficiency upgrades have paid off. The savings have been accumulating all year long.

Here’s an idea. Why not start putting those savings into a special fund for a great family Christmas next year? Challenge everyone in the household to be on board with energy efficiency and see how much you can accumulate in a year. Maybe you can get something for the house, or a special gift for the family.

It’s all about planning ahead. If you are a business, think about energy efficiency for 2018. You’ll be surprised how significant the benefit is with cost savings and better lighting. The easy way is to contact the Chamber of Commerce to engage the Energy Watch Partnership. We’ll work with our resources to schedule an assessment and show you just what your options are. Then, we’ll provide the installation at the lowest possible cost.

The Santa Barbara County Energy Watch Partnership wishes everyone a bright and merry Christmas and a happy and profitable New Year.