Courage to Lead and Serve:

Leadership Santa Maria Valley Class of 2018 at the frontline of public safety

A group of future leaders of the Santa Maria Valley were on hand at Leadership Santa Maria Valley’s Public Safety Day on November 3, 2017.  This month proved to be a special treat as the group explored firsthand the training and daily operations of Santa Maria’s public safety servants.  With department heads and knowledgeable guides, the Class of 2018 received a rare glimpse into the work of the finest and bravest public servants.

The first stop for the LSMV group was at the Santa Maria Police Department Headquarters.  At the Police Department, the Class of 2018 heard directly from Police Chief Phil Hansen as he spoke to the importance of leading in non-emergency situations.  This inspiring discussion then segued into a guided tour of the modern headquarters of Santa Maria PD.

During this tour, the LSMV class learned about the remarkably high-tech emergency dispatch communication center.  Upon its installation, the 911 phone and radio system propelled Santa Maria emergency services into the vanguard of emergency dispatching.  With only a small number of cities utilizing this equipment, Santa Maria has the capability of acting as a regional hub for other agencies through their utilization of the cutting-edge technology that was partially installed by a member of the Class of 2018, James Oswald.

While at the Santa Maria Police Department, the Class of 2018 was also provided a glimpse of the domestic violence and gang issues that hinder the All-America City.  Local officers spoke to the dangers of these crimes while also offering suggested steps for civilians to help assist law enforcement with communal vigilance.

The final stop of the day brought the Class of 2018 to a prized jewel of the Central Coast – Alan Hancock College’s Public Safety Training Complex (PSTC).  The PSTC is a multidisciplinary center tailored to the specific needs of the Central Coast’s finest and bravest.

The PSTC tour provided a behind the scenes look of the Law Enforcement, EMS, Fire, and Environmental Health and Safety trainees, offering a glimpse of what the future public servants go through in the course of the academy.  Santa Maria Fire Chief Leonard Champion was also on hand to provide wisdom to the Class of 2018, rounding out a full day dedicated to those who protect our property, lives, and well-being here on the Central Coast.