The Santa Maria Women of Excellence event recognizes women who have made a significant impact in our community.  Their annual, 20I8 WOE awards event will be on March 1st, at the Santa Maria Country Club.   There are 4 categories of awards:

WOMEN TAKING CREATIVE RISKS – This award honors creativity, courage, and strength of character. Nominees will be women who accept creative challenges and achieve work that has a significant impact on their community. Women in this category persist in finding ways to succeed in extreme circumstances, pioneer in nontraditional occupations, or stand up for their principles. These women often dedicate their lives to a unique field of work.

WOMEN OF SPIRIT – This award honors continuous dedication and a generosity of spirit. Nominees will be women who give tirelessly in either a paid position by greatly exceeding expectations or as a volunteer. Women in this category exude a special sense of mission in their field of work or giving. These women often dedicate their hearts to one particular cause and demonstrate a consistent and generous devotion to an endeavor.

WOMEN HELPING WOMEN – This award honors the woman who fosters the personal, social, and professional growth of other women while striving to make society more amenable to such success. Nominees may work with large groups of women, or may mentor one-on-one, and may work with women of any or all ages and walks of life. These women build relationships with others that are constructive, while using their insight, generosity and leadership to create a better future for women.

WOMAN OF EXCELLENCE – This award is designed to honor an outstanding woman whose commitment to her passions, either professional or volunteer, has enriched the lives of others. Nominees will be women who have dedicated themselves to their chosen path. These women inspire others by their willingness to expand their scope of giving at every crossroad in life.  To be considered for this award the nominee will have either maintained her commitment, effort and impact over a substantial number of years or, if for a shorter duration, her efforts and focus will have made an extraordinary impact in her chosen endeavor.

Nominations are open through January 31 so if you know someone who should be recognized for their work, be encouraged to nominate them!   You can do that on their website at

They also have additional sponsorships available for their awards event. If you are interested in more information about this, you can contact Sandra Dickerson at (805) 928-5725, ext. 110 or